It can be obvious why having a Dog Walker benefits us. The dogs get some exercise, socialization and to relieve themselves.  They come back having used that excess energy ready for a nap or a contented rest.

However, your dogs quality of life depends on being walked often and will give your doggy companion a balanced and healthy life.

Firstly, exercise is important for all dogs.  This is regardless of the breed or age.  Consistent exercise helps to regulate weight and can also help prevent or alleviate arthritis and other degenerative diseases.

Training also helps to keep your dog engaged and keep their mind occupied.  The key is to not be repetitive and keep changing it up.

I use positive reinforcement to bond with the dogs I walk.  I use anything the dog enjoys.  So if your dog loves a ball, that will be their reward for positive behaviour.  Often the favourite thing of dogs can be food!  So ill use a  favourite treat or snack.  My dogs love cheese and and meat.  I build this into their daily food allowance.


Dogs love to investigate and smell.  This mental stimulation is as important as exercise. Gardens don’t often provide the variety of sensory stimulation a dog needs.

Different environments and investigation of new areas gives them mental stimulation that helps to relieve boredom. They leave and retrieve messages from other dogs on their walks.  So it is important to give your dogs the chance to stop, sniff, investigate and mark their spot.

Zenick ready to dream!

I always think it gives them something to dream about when they’re napping! 




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